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Miserable Situation without Electricity

00:32 Jun 7 2014 Delhi

What a pity ! We are living in 21st century and Delhi being one of the most advance places in a fast developing country like India is not in a ready state to tackle electricity problems... I live in Dwarka (so called planned city) and last 2 nights have been miserable for all of us without electricity... No response from any political party candidate, no intimation from media house (bloody paid media) and no information from BSES (as expected)... Children crying, no sleep, senior citizens bound at their homes on high rise buildings since the lifts does not work and no one to answer or help.. What a pity !
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Emanuel (Jul 4 2014)
What??? Delhi is an advance place? lol you surprise me...Even a small town in Thailand like Hua Hin is more advanced than Delhi; at least never had a power cut.
Vif (Sep 11 2014)
Agree with Emanuel.. These issues are mainly due to the corrupt govt in many states of india. The power situation is pathetic in state like Maharashtra, Even cities like Mumbai, Pune face almost daily power cuts for long hours.
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