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power cut

22:39 Jun 7 2014 ambattur

power has been cut for no reason in ramnagar .....ambattur from 9 pm....
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svecseans (Jan 10 2017)
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power cut

22:39 Jun 07, 2014

ambattur, 0 Kms

4 PM to 5 PM - 14 May 2011 - Thirumulaivoyal, Chennai 600062 - Planned

16:00 May 14, 2011

Thirumulaivoyal, chennai, 1.02 Kms

1 PM - 2 PM - 14 May 2011 - ramnagar, ambattur, chennai - Planned

13:00 May 14, 2011

ramnagar, ambattur, chennai, 1.3 Kms

Planned - 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM - 14-11-2011 - 727, 1st Block, Reddipalaiyam, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Tamil Nadu

11:30 Nov 14, 2011

727, 1st Block, Reddipalaiyam, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Tamil Nadu, 2.07 Kms

Planned - 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM - 13-11-2011 - 1st Ave, Mogappair West, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Tamil Nadu

11:30 Nov 13, 2011

1st Ave, Mogappair West, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Tamil Nadu, 2.08 Kms